The Wonderfuser air Diffusion Assembly

What Is The Wonderfuser?

The Wonderfuser™ is our self-positioning Diffuser that when lowered into a septic tank will always find its way upright. It stands an amazing 13 ½ inches tall and has an eight inch diameter base. The diffuser assembly weighs approximately 13 pounds ensuring a very stable diffuser that will set solidly on the bottom of your septic tank. The upper deflector is 6 ¼ inches in diameter offering an extra large surface area to deflect outward the oxygen being pumped into the tank allowing it to stay in the effluent longer.

Dimensions: 13.25'' T x 8.0''W
Weight: Approximately 13 lbs

How Does The Wonderfuser Work?

The Wonderfuser diffuser assembly used in all of our SepAerator™ packages is a unique diffuser developed with our many years of experience in building, installing, and servicing NSF Class 1 Aerobic systems. The diffuser weighs 13 pounds and sits solidly on the bottom of the septic tank. It introduces air through a series of orifices that have been tested and proven to deliver abundant amounts of oxygen to your wastewater inside the septic tank. As the air leaves the orifices it rises and hits a specially designed deflector at the top of the Wonderfuser that creates a planned action in the septic tank which helps rapidly break down solid waste into tiny particles. The Wonderfuser acts as an oxygenator while also exploding solids into small particles which are easier to digest by the aerobic bacteria.

Other products on the market use a type of air stone as their diffuser. These types of stones are common items utilized primarily in water gardens or fish aquariums and are available through many different vendors. From our past experience with using air stones in a septic system is that after a period of time a build-up occurs on the outside surface making it very difficult for air to pass through them. This buildup restricts the airflow and places a tremendous amount of back pressure on the air pump and causes them to fail early and often. These plugged air stones can also cause a major decrease in the amount of aeration and the system will not function as efficiently or effectively.

The placement of the diffuser is also key in an aerobic system. While some of our competitors suspend the diffuser on the outlet side of the tank, we place our diffuser on the bottom of the inlet side of the tank. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly, oxygen bubbles in water travel upward toward the surface, so the deeper the diffuser, the longer the bubble stays in the water giving you better oxygen transfer and distribution. Secondly, keeping the diffuser away from the outlet lowers the risk of particles being pushed or carried out of the outlet line by the air flow of the diffuser assembly.

How Is The Wonderfuser Manufactured?

The Wonderfuser™ is a roto-molded plastic product manufactured through a high-density molded process. This process will ensure long life with virtually nothing to wear out on it. As anyone who has used the roto-molded process knows these molds must be able to withstand extreme heat and therefore are very expensive to have built. A special plastic powder is placed inside the two different molds necessary to make up the Wonderfuser™. The molds are then tightly secured and placed into large ovens where these molds continuously rotate. As they rotate and heat up the special plastic forms on the outside of the molds allowing the Wonderfuser to take shape.

After a period of time, the molds are removed from the large ovens and allowed to cool down. At that point the molds are opened up and the new Wonderfuser™ is removed. We use this same process to have our housings and platforms manufactured. Both the Wonderfuser™ and the Housing and Platforms are exclusively manufactured for Septic Solutions, Inc. to make up our SepAerator™. The innovative design of the Wonderfuser™ is the first of its kind and can only be found on the Septic Solutions SepAerator™.