The SepAerator™ Septic Tank AErator IS Simply The BEst

The SepAerator™ is a product designed by professionals with years of experience in the septic industry seeking a better and more reliable solution to fixing septic problems. The SepAerator™ Premium Package is that solution! Below you can see a comparison between each component of our system and what our competition has to offer.

The Air Pump

The SepAerator™ offers the high quality Hibow septic air pumps on all of our packages. These are the same heavy duty air pumps used by NSF Class 1 Aerobic Systems. Why reinvent the wheel? Here at Septic Solutions® we build NSF Class 1 Aerobic Systems, which have already been thoroughly tested by NSF and proven to produce high quality clean effluent. We used that same technology to develop our SepAerator™ system.

The high quality Hiblow air pump on our Premium and Value packages produces enough oxygen at 3.7 c.f.m. to treat approximately 1000 to 2000 gallons of water or 500 gallons of usage per day. The Hiblow air pump on our Saver packages produces 2.0 c.f.m which is effective at treating 500 to 1000 gallons of water or 250 to 500 gallons of usage per day. We also have many larger sizes available for larger systems or higher water usage.

Many of our competitors do not supply sufficient information about the air pump. The air pump is a major component of an aerobic system, so you as a customer need to know what you are getting for your dollars. We do not believe the pump's air flow rating, or any other specifications for that matter, should be propierty information. This is why all of those specifications are listed on our website.

The Air Diffuser

The Wonderfuser diffuser assembly used in all of our SepAerator™ packages is a unique diffuser developed with our many years of experience in building, installing, and servicing NSF Class 1 Aerobic systems. The diffuser weighs 13 pounds and sits solidly on the bottom of the septic tank. It introduces air through a series of orifices that have been tested and proven to deliver abundant amounts of oxygen to your wastewater inside the septic tank. As the air leaves the orifices it rises and hits a specially designed deflector at the top of the Wonderfuser that creates a planned action in the septic tank which helps rapidly break down solid waste into tiny particles. The Wonderfuser acts as an oxygenator while also exploding solids into small particles which are easier to digest by the aerobic bacteria.

Other products on the market use a type of air stone as their diffuser. These types of stones are common items utilized primarily in water gardens or fish aquariums and are available through many different vendors. From our past experience with using air stones in a septic system is that after a period of time a build-up occurs on the outside surface making it very difficult for air to pass through them. This buildup restricts the airflow and places a tremendous amount of back pressure on the air pump and causes them to fail early and often. These plugged air stones can also cause a major decrease in the amount of aeration and the system will not function as efficiently or effectively.

The placement of the diffuser is also key in an aerobic system. While some of our competitors suspend the diffuser on the outlet side of the tank, we place our diffuser on the bottom of the inlet side of the tank. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly, oxygen bubbles in water travel upward toward the surface, so the deeper the diffuser, the longer the bubble stays in the water giving you better oxygen transfer and distribution. Secondly, keeping the diffuser away from the outlet lowers the risk of particles being pushed or carried out of the outlet line by the air flow of the diffuser assembly.

The Air PArticle Recirculator

An item offered exclusively with our SepAerator™ Premium package is the Air Particle Recirculator. The Air Particle Recirculator is a barrier to prevent solid material from exiting your septic tank and entering the drain field. This barrier is essential when adding aeration to a septic tank. Under normal conditions in a septic tank the solids will separate by floating to the top as scum and sinking to the bottom as sludge. This cannot happen in a single chamber tank with aeration, as all of the solids are continually being mixed, therefore something must be done to stop them from leaving the tank.

The Air Particle Recirculator functions as an effluent filter to stop particles, but has an added advantage over anything else you will see on the market today. A standard effluent filter under these conditions will have to be cleaned very regularly. By introducing air around the inlet of the Air Particle Recirculator, particles are pushed away from the inlet of the filter back towards the diffuser side of the tank where they will continue to break down. This action stops particles from entering and clogging the filter which allows for much longer periods between filter cleanings and produces a cleaner quality of effluent discharging from the sytem.

There is no other product on the market that has anything close to the Air Particle Recirculator. Some use just a simple effluent filter and others use nothing at all. Many compensate for not having something like the Air Particle Recirculator by using very small air pumps in an effort to not stir the tank up. The Air Particle Recirculator gives our product the ability to properly treat the wastewater with a powerful air pump, yet stop solids from being pushed into the drain field.

The Bottom Line

The SepAerator™ packages were developed by a company that has been in the septic system and aerobic system industry since 1989. Our product design came from our experience in designing, building, installing, and servicing thousands of aerobic septic systems during those years. This industry experience has helped us create the best and most innovative septic tank aeration package on the market today!