filtrol-160 washing machine laundry filter

The FILTROL-160™ is a patented, re-useable, in line filter that you attach to your washing machine discharge hose that protects your septic system and drain pipes from damages caused by lint. Discharge cleaner water from your washing machine and keep septic system soils from being clogged by laundry lint and fibers. Prolong the life of your septic system with the Filtrol-160.

Filtrol-160™ Septic Protector
Washing Machine Filter

The Filtrol-160™  washing machine lint filter protects your septic system from being clogged by laundry lint and fibers.  Most homeowners can install the Filtrol-160 in 10-15 minutes.

Product Features

  • 1 - Filtrol-160™ Cannister with 1 Filter Bag
  • 6 Ft of Connection Hose
  • Connection Fittings and Wall Mount Bracket
  • Unit Dimensions: 7'' Diameter x 13'' Tall

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Don't Do Laundry Without The Filtrol-160 Washing Machine Filter

Non-biodegradable material fibers (polyester, nylon, and other synthetics) are a leading cause of plugged septic system drain fields, sewer pipes, and drains. Typical lint screens used with consumer washing machines and discharge hoses trap less than 5% of these particals.  Did you know that even a new septic system can fail in as little as three years? This is primarily due to non-biodegradable material fibers plugging the soil in septic system drain fields.

Stop Washing Machine Lint and Extend The Life of Your Septic System

The majority of lint fibers are very fine lightweight particles that stay in suspension in the septic tank. They then flow with the water out to the drainfield where they plug the pores of the soil. Over time, the soil can become so plugged with fibers that the drain field fails to allow the effluent to migrate through the soil. Then, the homeowner is faced with costly repairs. For homes connected to city sewer systems, these lint fibers are a leading cause of sewer pipe and drain clogs, which can cause flooding in laundry rooms and basements.

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Filtrol-160 Replacement
Micron Filter Bags

The FILTROL-160™ comes with a filter that you empty out over a garbage container ever 1-3 weeks and will last 1-3 years.

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"I am another Very Satisfied user of the Filtrol 160. I only wish I knew about 17 years ago when I moved into a house with a septic system. I continue to be amazed at what the filter system filters out of my wash. I have a neighbor who said his system failed because of accumulated lint. I CAN SEE NOW WHY!!. I am SO pleased! Thank you for this item!" DT from New Mexico

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