Become a Hydro-Action Dealer with Septic Solutions, Inc.®

Are you a septic system installer in the state of Illinois? Contact Septic Solutions, Inc. about becoming a Hydro-Action dealer for your area of the state! Please give us a call at 217-925-5992 or email

Septic Solutions has a large network of quality dealers located throughout Illinois. Below are some pictures of our annual Dealer's meeting we held in Collinsville, Illinois. The purpose of these meetings is to keep our dealers informed of any new regulations and to update them on all of the new products we are constantly making available to them. Some of these dealers traveled 4-1/2 hours to attend.

The combination of well-trained dealers with plenty of technical support from Septic Solutions guarantees the homeowner gets their Hydro-Action products installed and maintained the way they would expect them to be. Should a homeowner ever develop a problem we will be there to take care of that problem. Septic Solutions and their network of dealers fully understand the importance of taking care of their customers both before as well as after installation.

If you are building a new home or simply having trouble with your existing septic system and need it replaced please call for an Hydro-Action dealer near you. You will be glad you did.

On another note, if you are a quality installer of septic systems and are looking to join our organization we still have a few areas in Illinois where dealerships are available. Please call our office and talk to Jess. For a unique opportunity call today!